Bonifaciusbrug (Bonifaciusbridge)

The charismatic area of Bonifaciusbridge and Arentshof has the ability to enchant many a visitor. Its irresistible combination of striking history and warm romance may take your breath away. Arentshof, located along one of the picturesque canals, manages to create an entirely unique atmosphere with its tall trees, hidden benches, mysterious pieces of art and marvelous view on Church of Our Lady and Gruuthuse palace. It’s one of those places to watch the world go by: tourist boats pass and people wander around while the clatter of hoofs from the horse drawn carriages echoes throughout the day. Don’t be fooled further ahead, for the charmed ancient looking Bonifaciusbridge dates from early 20th century and is one of Bruges’ youngest bridges. While you admire the fairytale like canals with inclined houses and passing tourist boats a humble feeling will no doubt wash over you when looking up at the Church of Our Lady. In the evening carefully chosen illumination further enthralls this cherished lovespot.
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Groeninge 6 , Brugge