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Flavourite Bruges

Flavourite Bruges represents amazing establishments that you won't find anywhere else in the world, high-quality local products, sustainability, investing in young kitchen talent and putting our gastronomic offerings in the spotlight during top culinary events. Whether you choose street food or a starred restaurant, your taste buds will be indulged time and time again in Bruges! Why not drop in and have a taste?

Did you know...

  • Bruges has the highest number of culinary awards per capita.
  • Bruges hosted the first culinary festival in Belgium.
  • Almost every Belgian chef, baker or butcher learned their craft at school in Bruges? Many have even stuck around in Bruges, so that there is a decent establishment to be found on practically every street corner.
  • Thanks to its location right on the North Sea and the fertile soil surrounding Bruges, all of Bruges' chefs work primarily with local, fresh, high-quality products.

In short, plenty of reasons to call Bruges the cradle of gastronomy in Belgium. As such, you can taste this in every bite. Whether it's a lavish breakfast, a tasty lunch or a sumptuous dinner. Of course, it would be a shame to keep our rich gastronomic offerings to ourselves. This is why Bruges, under the name 'Flavourite Bruges', is inviting the whole world to join us in enjoying our culinary richness.

Flavourite Bruges