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Toegankelijk Brugge

In Bruges, the unrivalled offering of cultural-historical monuments and museums goes hand in hand with enchanting cosiness and authentic charm. All against the backdrop of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed city centre. Of course, the City of Bruges wants to share all this splendour with as many people as possible. By working hard to ensure a fully accessible city, everyone can enjoy it. Even the elderly, visitors with physical or mental disabilities, or people in need of extra comfort or care.

Your practical guide

Whether you are visually impaired, hearing impaired or have reduced mobility, Bruges is accessible for everyone. Our brochure is your guide to a smooth and enjoyable visit to Bruges, including: 

  • a mapped-out accessible walking tour of the tourist hotspots, with excellent tips and surprising facts 

  • information on a selection of museums, attractions, cafes, restaurants and accommodation options for visitors with disabilities 

  • a handy overview of accessible toilets, tourist offices, available care and resources  

  • tips on transport and parking 

Digitally browse the PDF brochure. Do you use reading software? Then you can also easily read the full brochure online. If you prefer a physical brochure rather than a digital one, this is also possible. Request your copy by post. As such, you can plan your visit in advance and enjoy a worry-free trip to the full.

De brochure "Brugge, toegankelijk voor iedereen" is beschikbaar in een digitaal formaat die makkelijk bruikbaar is voor mensen met een visuele beperking.

Do you use reading software?

Our brochure 'Bruges, accessible for everyone' is also available in a digital format that is easily usable by people with visual impairments.

Read the full accessibility guide online