Will the language of Bruges be the new universal language?

People from Bruges have a thing about languages. Not only are they proud of their Bruges dialect, they also excel at Flemish wordcraft, calligraphy and poetry. Everywhere in the city you can read philosophical inscriptions and eccentric messages. On the wall of the Bargerhuis, on the gate of the Minnewater hospital … In Café Vlissinghe, the oldest pub in Bruges, you’ll have to get out your best West Flemish accent or you may be thirsty forever …

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Five independent bookshops worth a visit in Bruges

What about adding less e-books and more physical books from local bookshops to your new year's wish list? To all the bibliophiles out there, here is a selection of the independent bookshops in Bruges!

Guido Gezelle and St. Anne's quarter

Belgium has some well-known poets and writers which are also known beyond its borders. Especially when visiting Bruges, it is very likely that you will come across the name Guido Gezelle. Let’s find out who this person was and check out the lovely neighborhood where he lived.

Poetry and letters in the streets of Bruges


Make it a ‘must visit’ to discover the letters and poetry along the streets of Bruges which keep the literature scene alive and kicking.