Unique shopping concepts

The retail world is changing fast. In Bruges, the talk of the town is the “shopping experience”. Retailers are doing everything they can to ensure that they can offer their customers an original, ultimate shopping experience.

  • Postbar: how about sending a postcard whilst enjoying a cup of coffee and a delicious slice of cake? Postbar is the place to do this!
  • Monkey Eleven: healthy fast food bar. You won’t even notice that you are eating healthy food!
  • Les Coquettes hair salon: concept salon with coffee bar. A real barista serves you a delicious coffee while you have your hair cut.
  • Smaak interior design bar: how about getting interior design inspiration whilst enjoying a drink? The bar gives you a taster of the fabulous interior design you can expect from the designers.
  • Atelier Twee: In 2019, Astrid Van Pamele and Francine Jansseune opened a pop-up shop located in The Box. They then decided to make their creative dream come true and opened their own, permanent shop. Atelier Twee sells decorative items to bring colour to your home as well as handmade handbags, beautiful accessories and more.
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