TRIENNALE BRUGGE 2018 | Liquid City - Vloeibare Stad


“What if…” Bruges Triennial 2015 wondered. This prompted artists and architects to ap-praise the quality of life in an ever-growing city. Now Bruges Triennial 2018 is examining the consequence of the liquid society and its ever-changing inter-human relationships.
Taking the specific context of Bruges, 'Triënnale Brugge 2018 | Liquid City - Vloeibare Stad' uses the image of today’s liquid city as a symbol for positive social and urban change. Artists, architects and scientists are invited to formulate answers to crises in the liquid society, working closely with inhabitants and visitors. By means of cooperative creative processes, Bruges Triennial 2018 creates opportunities for new encounters between a diverse range of city users. Chance synergies, sudden insights and sustainable solutions stimulate the image of the city. These processes lead to a new understanding of liquid urbanity and society. The arts trail in the historic heart of Bruges weaves the various aspects of the liquid city into three broad themes: inviting, hospitable spaces; creative cooperation projects, and the city imagined. 

foto Triënnale

Inviting public spaces

International artists and architects develop public spaces in the historic heart of the city and turn them into places where diversity leads to encounter. 

(Co-)creative cooperation projects

At the same time cooperation projects are set up among unlikely partners who manage to overcome their often conflicting interests. The resulting dynamic changes the urban identity radically and sustainably.

The City's imagination

The focus of a third group of artists relates to the symbolic representation of urbanity. The artworks inspire identity, hopes and dreams. The historical centre, literally surrounded by the water which once made Bruges world famous, becomes a metaphorical Liquid City. Fluidity, transition, intake, exchange, Triënnale Brugge 2018 is a continuous artistic movement, sometimes stormy, sometimes gently rippling, through the city. Everything and everybody is moving. 

Of course, the popular URB EGG pop-up café will also be part of the Triënnale trail. If forms the ideal public and welcoming location, where encounter and dialogue take place, and a perfect place to linger when visiting Bruges.


Practical information

Period: 05/05/2018 until 16/09/2018
Place: several locations


The complete trail is accessible for free. Special attention is given to the optimal physical and content accessibility of all installations.

Extra offer

Customized tours
Publications (e.g. walking guide, catalogue) and app are in preparation.
all information will be available in NL, FR, EN, DE, ES.
special attention is given to the optimal
physical and content accessibility of all installations.
more information: www.triennalebrugge.be