Traffic-free shopping streets

To make shopping even more pleasant, Zuidzandstraat and Noordzandstraat are car-free every Saturday and Sunday between 1pm and 6pm (except for De Lijn buses and permit holders), and Geldmunstraat is car-free.

Steenstraat is car-free between 1pm and 6pm every day.

For those staying in Bruges

In view of the car-free character, motorised traffic in Steenstraat and Geldmuntstraat is not allowed at the indicated times. In view of the low-traffic character, Zuidzandstraat and Noordzandstraat are exceptionally accessible to permit holders, including visitors who stay in a hotel in the intervening streets (hotel Van Eyck, Grand Hotel du Sablon and hotel Acacia). Anyone who does not stay in these streets, but nevertheless wants to pass through by car, will be ticketed on the basis of number plate recognition.

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