Touristen schnupfen massenhaft in Brügge

Das Zentrum von Brügge ist der ideale Ort, um sich eine Nase frische Luft zu holen. Spazieren Sie vorbei an den vielen Handwerksläden, spüren Sie verborgene Schätze auf und schnuppern Sie etwas Kultur. Oder was halten Sie von einer Prise Schokolade? Touristen aus der ganzen Welt besuchen die Stadt speziell deshalb, um ihren eigenen Rolling Stones-Moment zu erleben …


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Bruges: home of letter connoisseurs and paper makers


Wandering through the beautiful streets of Bruges it's hard not to notice the rich supply of bookshops, publishers, illustrators and the amazing artwork made by the talented craftsmen and women of Bruges. Handmade in Brugge puts the Bruges-based makers on the map, both literally and figuratively speaking. Sample their traditional craftsmanship and be surprised by the mix of ancient and modern techniques.

Handmade in Brugge: pimp your interior with some handmade stuff


Creativity has ruled the roost in Bruges for centuries, and so it comes as no surprise that the city is still home today to an extraordinary number of creative entrepreneurs. Some have gained a name and reputation, while other eagerly labour on the sidelines. But always the people of Bruges cherish their talents.

Travel: in search of trendy Bruges in autumn


It’s the city known for chocolate milk, fries and beer. Well, that’s the “boring” side of Bruges that we all know! What else do we know about the city? The historic city centre is beautiful, it has canals and swans, huge churches, and is on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Handmade in Brugge: discover different kinds of textile in Bruges


Discover and let yourself be inspired by shops, where designers apply new textiles in their work and experiment with different kinds of innovative materials.

Music for life pt.1 : Exclusive Drums by Dirk Defauw


I had the luck and honour to meet a few people in Bruges which are making handmade music instruments. Three men, three incredible stories. Here’s part one of this series, about Dirk Defauw and his Exclusive Drums.