The favourite addresses of Sonia Papili

In the late Middle Ages, Bruges was a cosmopolitan city and a melting pot of goods and nationalities. Today too, Bruges keeps with the times and is still commercially and culturally prominent. Many foreigners feel at home here and have since become real Bruges experts.  Their knowledge also includes the local range of good, established shops and trendy, young businesses.

Sonia Papili  has lived in Bruges since 2006. She is a geologist with the Ministry of Defence and a tourist guide in Bruges.  Here are her best addresses:


As a design freak, I can always find something to set my pulse racing at Callebert, a style oasis where timeless beauty reigns supreme. Complete with a children’s department that will tempt the adults as well!

Wollestraat 25, tel. +32 (0)50 33 50 61, www.callebert.be


Da Vinci

It doesn’t matter if the weather is freezing cold or boiling hot: there are always tourists lined up in droves outside this deluxe ice-cream parlour. The number of different flavours is almost beyond belief. What’s more, everything – from the icecream right down to the sauces – is made on the premises.

Geldmuntstraat 34, tel. +32 (0)50 33 36 50, www.davinci-brugge.be


‘A regular port-of-call for people with kids. This not the place for ‘throwaway’ junk, but for beautiful and solidly made toys that will stand the test of time.

Sint-Jakobsstraat 47, tel. +32 (0)50 33 75 79, www.krokodil.be

Krokodil      Krokodil

De Witte Pelikaan

Whoever loves Christmas will love De Witte Pelikaan, with its year-round selection of Christmas baubles and jingle bells.

Vlamingstraat 23, tel. +32 (0)50 34 82 84, www.dewittepelikaan.be


At BbyB you can find a range of elegantly sleek haute couture chocolates that are almost impossible to resist. Time after time I am tempted by this classy concept store to try out new and exciting flavour combinations. Because let’s admit it: who can say ‘no’ to chocolate with rhubarb, speculoos biscuit, ‘babulettes’ or star aniseed?

Sint-Amandsstraat 39, tel. +32 (0)50 70 57 60, www.bbyb.be


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