Sustainable shopping

Shopping responsibly and choosing environmentally friendly, local businesses is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are opting for sustainable shopping. In Bruges, fair fashion is on the increase, too. If you are a fan of fair trade, sustainable shopping, try these addresses:

  • Fresh: Fresh’s quirky selection of streetwear and timeless Scandinavian fashion includes many products with the Fair-Wear label. Cotton items are organic and most of the men’s collection is made in the EU, which means the eco footprint of this lifestyle boutique is a little lighter.
  • Juttu: Juttu will delight trendy, discerning, responsible shoppers looking for fashion, beauty, food and design products with a story. A different local initiative is put in the spotlight each month in the pop-up space.
  • Mais Oui: unique women’s fashion and lifestyle accessories for fans of all things beautiful and sustainable. Sisters Charlotte and Emmanuelle believe that the story behind a brand is just as crucial as the price you pay for the items. Bruges is the backdrop to many of their fashion photo shoots.
  • Think Twice: Belgian retail concept promoting sustainable fashion and breathing new life into second hand clothing. Vintage treasures and simple, stylish basics.
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