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Please contact sarah.bauwens@brugge.be for following cases:

• you are an official journalist and wish to visit one of our exhibitions or permanent collections for FREE. Please send an e-mail at least 3 working days before your visit and add a copy of your registered press card. We’ll send you a digital voucher in return.

• you would like to receive our press releases and invitations (in Dutch) by e-mail. Please don’t forget to mention your name, who you work for, and your press card number.

• you have further questions or you would like to interview someone 

• you want to send us a copy of your published article or a CD with the relevant broadcast. Musea Brugge collects the reviews about its collections and events. You can also send them by post to Sarah Bauwens, Musea Brugge, Dijver 12, B – 8000 Bruges. 


Press files

Newsflash | New exhibition hall

Presss File | The key to all arts

Press File | Masters of the Spanish Baroque

Press File | Haute Lecture by Colard Mansion

Press File | William Kentridge. Smoke, Ashes, Fable

Press File | Pieter Pourbus and the Forgotten Masters

Press File | A caring eye. Portretten door Danielle van Zadelhoff 

Press File | The art of law 

Press File I Eight Volumes of Fantasy. Maryam Najd 

Press File I Bruegel's Witches 

Upcoming press conferences

  • Tuesday 28th May, 2019 at 11:30 a.m.: Press conference on the occasion of the opening of the restored Gruuthusemuseum. If you wish to participate, please send us an e-mail.