Practical information

  • Apart from these camper van parking areas, there is also a parking lane along the ring road R30, between the city gates Gentpoort and Kruispoort, near the Speelpleinlaan.
  • In order to optimise urban access and quality of life for residents and visitors alike, no coaches are permitted in Bruges city centre (including 't Zand and the Vrijdagmarkt).    The only safe and obliged pick-up/drop-off area for groups is the coach...
  • There are three tourist information offices in Bruges: one in the Concertgebouw (Concert Hall), one in the recently opened Historium (Market Square) and one in the railway station.
  • Most shops open their doors at 10.00 a.m.
  • Bruges is a compact city. The use of motor vehicles in the historic inner city is not recommended and street parking above ground is limited in time to a maximum of 4 hours in the Blue Zone and to 2 hours in the Pay&Display Zones. Paid parking in the...
  • Emergencies   European emergency number: tel.
  • Basiliek van het Heilig Bloed (Basilica of the Holy Blood)daily (except Thursday) 11.00 a.m.
  • Belgium has quite a lot of public holidays.
  • Bruges is a lively, fun-loving city, with great night-life.
  • Bruges enjoys a mild, maritime climate, with no great highs and lows.
  • In Belgium there is a general ban on smoking in cafés, restaurants, the public areas in hotels (lobby, bar, corridors, etc.) and in all public buildings (train stations, airports, etc.).
  • The City of Bruges charges a tourism tax of EUR 2 per person per night.
  • Although most visitors come to the city in the spring and summer months, Bruges has something to offer all year round.
  • There are cash points in the most important shopping streets, on the Markt (Market Square),’t Zand, Simon Stevinplein, Stationsplein (Railway station Square and on the Kanaaleiland (Canal Island, in the Bargeweg).
  • Wednesdays > 8.00 a.m.-1.30 p.m. | Markt | food & flowers Saturdays > 8.00 a.m.-1.30 p.m. | ’t Zand & Beursplein | miscellaneous Sundays > 8.00 a.m.-1.00 p.m. | Sint-Michiels | miscellaneous Tuesdays to Saturdays> 8.00 a.m.-1.30 p.m. | Vismarkt | fish Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and bridge days > from 15 March to 15 November + on Fridays in the period June-September > 10.00 a.m.-6.00 p.m. | Dijver | antiques, bric-à-brac and crafts Daily > 8.00 a.m.-7.00 p.m.  |  Vismarkt | artisanal products
  • For posting letters, cards, etc.
  • Currency can be exchanged in every bank or in an exchange office.
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