EXTRA ACTIVITIES exhibition 'Pieter Pourbus and the Forgotten Masters'



Cost: 2 euros
Language: NL/FR/EN
Can be downloaded free of charge via 


The green feather

‘Do’ booklets for children aged 6 to 12 years, accompanied by their (grand)parents.
Languages: NL/FR/EN
Also available for schools, for children in the three grades of primary education.
Free on request via musea.reservatie@brugge.be


Guided tours of the exhibition

Cost: 75 euros
Duration: ca. 1 hours 30 minutes
Number of participants: max. 20
Languages: NL/FR/DE/EN
Reservation: +32(0)50 44 46 46 or toerisme.reserveringen@brugge.be


Guided city walk

including visits to the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk and the Brugse Vrije
Price: 100 euros
Duration: ca. 2 hours
Number of participants: max. 20
Languages: NL/FR/DE/EN
Reservations: +32(0)50 44 46 46 or toerisme.reserveringen@brugge.be

Stadswandeling met app Xplore Bruges

Download the app and do your own exploring along the streets and among the buildings, art studios and churches of 16th century Bruges.
Languages: NL/FR/DE/EN 


03/12/2017: 'Conservatie en nieuwe montage van het Brugse stadsplan van Marcus Gerards' by Ann Peckstadt
21/01/2018: 'De wisselwerking tussen de rederijkers en kunst' by Samuel Mareel (soon more info)



catalogus cover   

Catalogue 'Forgotten Masters. Pieter Pourbus and Bruges Painting from 1525 to 1625', hardback, 320 p., € 45. (NL/EN)

OKV cover


OKV theme issue: Pieter Pourbus and the Forgotten Masters, € 10. (NL/FR/EN)

For sale at Museumshops Groeningemuseum & Arentshof, Dijver 16, 8000 Brugge


Still not had enough of the forgotten masters?

Take a look on http://www.kaartenhuisbrugge.be/magis

or visit Museum Gouda, which is hosting a 'Pieter Pourbus, Master-Painter from Gouda' exhibition from 20 February until 17 June 2018.