Photo exhibition Out of focus

The Volkskundemuseum is developing a programme of displays, events and activities for people with dementia and their carers. One of the characteristics of dementia is that memories become increasingly vague and eventually disappear. The Japanese word 'bokeh' not only means hazy and blurred, but is also the term for dementia. This idea was the starting point for the students of the Bruges Photo House (Bruges Municipal Academy for Fine Arts, Part-time Art Education) to offer their visual interpretation of the 'dementia' theme. The results can be seen in the garden and on the windows of the Volkskundemuseum. The out of focus photos seek to mirror the blurring of memories, the loss of orientation and the elusiveness of the world around us.


Period: 06/04/2019 - 29/09/2019


Rates (including permanent collection):

free with the membership card Vrienden van Musea Brugge
free with Museumpas
free for primary and secondary education (supervised by teacher)

  • 26-64 years old € 6,00 
    65+ € 5,00 
    18-25 € 5,00 
    -18 free