Parking in Bruges

Between 09:00 a.m. and 08:00 p.m. surface level parking in the city centre is limited in time (4 hours maximum) and is metered (€ 1.80 for the first hour, € 2.40 for the second up to the fouth hour, in total € 9.00 for 4 hours). Payment can be made either via sms, or using the app 4411, or making use of your bank card, or using cash money. In each of these cases, one has to register one’s correct licence plate number. In the “Blue Zone” (the designated area surrounding the city centre) you may park for up to four hours without charge. Don’t forget you still need to display your parking disk! NB: these parking regulations will be in place year-round, including Sundays and holidays. Click here for a PDF with more information about parking in Bruges.

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