Throwback to Iedereen Klassiek - an event for all types of musical hearts

Saturday 28th October was a very special day. It was the first time ever I attended a free classical concert in the beautiful town of Bruges. Concertgebouw Brugge is where the main event took place. It's also known to be the center for visual art, sound art, literature, and architecture. The atmosphere inside was amazing, people of all ages were wandering through the present stands. In a corner, there were two ladies helping people to put on classical clothes. Afterwards, the latter would have their photograph taken as a memory. I really loved the fact that if you uploaded on Instagram a picture from the event with the hashtag #iedereenklassiek you would later receive the printed photo. There was a stand where you could pick it up yourself. It seemed brilliant to me how they managed to bring something innovative to a classical music concert and how they combined the era of social media with the traditional culture.

At 12 o'clock we went to the large concert hall to see ‘The Four Seasons Differently’ by Vivaldi. The young Belgian cineaste Dimitri Sterkens made a movie using this music, along with the live performance. Belgian top violinist Lorenzo Gatto played the virtuoso solo party. Gatto did that together with ‘The Young Belgian Strings’, a young and dynamic string orchestra. I was impressed by the magnitude of the concert hall. The acoustics were incredible and no matter where you were sitting you could hear the music perfectly. The interpretation was lovely, the music gave me the chills and made me fall in love with the sound of the violin. They all played in perfect harmony on the rhythms imposed by the talented conductor. The music captured the essence of the movie, making one feel the right emotions at the right time.

After this event, we attended ‘Revue Blanche - Folk Songs’ located in the chamber music hall (kamermuziekzaal). The singer had a very warm voice and managed to impress me with her vocal qualities. The room was full of people who were either sitting or standing next to the chairs just to hear the beautiful voice of the gorgeous singer.

I then rushed to see ‘Peter and the Wolf’ as it was accompanied by classical music. The concert hall was full of parents and their kids who seemed very excited to see the animation. Many of them already knew the movie and they were singing along. The thrilling music said more than the story itself. Oxalys, the creator, takes you to a world in which wolves devour ducks. But it's also a world in which a little boy catches the wolf. He did that with courage and the help of a cowardly bird and a dreamy duck.

The event had a huge success but unfortunately I could not see everything because the concerts overlapped. The atmosphere brought the world of classics into our time. An event that I will not be able to forget soon.


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