The best places for hot drinks on cold winter days

Bruges is one of the most magic places I have ever visited, so spending Christmas time here is a real fairy-tale. There are endless possibilities where to sit and enjoy a hot beverage, but after hard decision, I picked these five places to have the best hot drink! Famous or hidden, chocolate or tea, you’ll find everything:

Tea-room De Proeverie
Let´s start with the classic tea room, because they are unforgettable. You’ll find a lot of them all over town, but my favourite one is De Proeverie. It´s a cosy and lovely place, with friendly waitresses and a warm fireplace, a very suitable thing during winter time. In addition to the wide range of teas, they are also offering hot chocolate or freshly prepared cakes and waffles. 

Address: Katelijnestraat 6
Opening hours: Sun-Sat from 9:30am to 5:00pm

The Old Chocolate House
Probably the most famous place to have a hot chocolate in Bruges! Sometimes you can see the queue from outside. The tea room is upstairs but on your way you can buy some chocolates downstairs. The staff is friendly and willing to help or advice but a little bit dependent on the time of the day: sometimes it´s really crowded and hard to handle all the people. But don’t be discouraged, it´s one of the top ‘must visit’ places in Bruges and definitely worth it. They have a sign saying “the place to be to drink the best hot chocolate” outside for a reason!

Address: Mariastraat 1c
Opening hours: Sun-Sat from 10:00am to 6:00pm

This amazingly decorated place is a new place in town. Besides amazing chocolate, which you definitely have to try, they have a very interesting offer, including special combos of milkshakes with donuts or other sweets (check their Instagram-page for a sneak preview!) But this place is incredible mostly because of the interior design: countless things are on the walls and all over you. And every single interior item you see is for sale!

Address: Sint-Amandsstraat 37
Opening hours: Wed-Sun from 9:30am to 6:00pm


The Gulliver Tree
You’ll find a calm and friendly atmosphere for spending a rainy afternoon with a high-quality hot chocolate completed with some latte art. The advantage of this place is that you can have a delicious lunch here as well! Or tasty tea with incredible whipped-cream cake. There are so many options here, all you need to do is pick one and enjoy the moments!

Address: Cordoeaniersstraat 4
Opening hours: Tue-Sat from 9:00am to 6:00pm

One of the cosiest place ever. The super nice waitress will prepare your chocolate or tea with love and with recommendation to have one of the freshly baked cakes. The place is really small, but feels like home. Maybe because of the homemade cakes or maybe it´s the tasty hot drink or the lazy music. Who knows? You should go there and figure it out!

Address: Sint-Amandsstraat 30
Opening hours: Mon-Sat from  9:00am to 5:30pm. Sun from 9:00am to 4:00pm



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