Slow down with a winterwalk in Bruges

It´s hard to summarize which direction to go for an unforgettable walk in Bruges, because really every place here is special somehow and in winter even more! Here are three possible directions for a walk during this most beautiful season!

Walking through the city
Walking through the city centre is probably the most suitable choice in these times of Christmas, because you can combine walking with shopping or exploring the Christmas markets. During your walk you can visit the Burg square with the gothic style Town Hall or the Chapel of the Holy Blood. During these times, you can feel the magical atmosphere in there. One of my favourite kinds of winter walks is just going through the streets and watching all the beautiful, original and sometimes provocative Christmas decorations. You can smell Christmas on every corner. The best time for this is when the sun goes down and all the lights are on and everything just shines and sparkles.


From the canals to the mills
Get a little bit further away from the city centre and follow the tangled path of the canals. You can start in one of the most photographed places in Bruges, the Rozenhoedkaai. It´s the meeting point of two canals: Dijver and Groenerei. The trees are hanging over the water, some of the branches are even bathed in the water. A romantic atmosphere with a fairy-tale feeling is all around. You can just walk and watch the boats passing by in the canal. Pass amazing stone bridges and mesmerizing views which take you all the way to the mills on the ramparts. You can enjoy a riverside walk there as well.

Tillegem Castle
Surrounding the city is the Bruges’ wood- and wetland. You will discover numerous forests with castles. The castles of Loppem, Ryckevelde, Tillegem and Beisbroek are all located in the proximity of Bruges. A walk in the parks and gardens surrounding the castle of Tillegem is an ideal way to press the ‘pause’ button for a moment. I was there so many times already and I still can’t get enough! This walk is little bit longer, you can think about borrowing a bike. The place is a green heaven with beautiful forests and lovely nature. At the end of your walk, try the hot chocolate in the nearby cafeteria In De Trutselaar. They offer lunch and dinner as well.



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