Like a fiddler on the rooftop of the Concertgebouw

If that is your ultimate dream… it could happen.

Visiting the Concertgebouw gives you vibes. Surely that is because of its reputation as a vibrant meeting place and a major international arts center. The Concertgebouw circuit interactive visitors’ trail will add a cultural boost to your mind.

Do visit the Lantern Tower and meet past and present coming together in perfect harmony. Architect Paul Robbrecht and co-designer Hilde Daem gave the following comment: ‘’Bruges, ’t Zand, halfway between the sea and the capital. Between Zealand and French Flanders is a building for music, a covenant of an old city with a new age.


Already from the 6th floor of the Lantern Tower, you can enjoy a unique view of our world heritage city. You have this view while looking out from the Concertgebouw with its red terracotta skin.  This skin is in harmony with the colour of the Bruges roofs. And so the old city will always be linked with this modern cultural meeting place.

On the rooftop, during the day, you have a fantastic view . You can see the Belfry on Market Square, Saint Saviour’s Cathedral, the Town hall on the Burg, the old hospital of St John, the many church towers… and even some of the windmills.  

At night the illuminated towers of the city center offer you a breathtaking panorama.

When the weather allows you can even spot the coast and the Port of Zeebrugge where each year over more than 40 million tonnes of goods are traded.

Klokken dakterrasdakterras


The rooftop terrace was awarded a number of installations since October 2011. There you find 20 of the smallest carillon bells that once hung in the Belfry Tower.  They weigh from 13,5 to 59 kg and together they form almost two chromatic scales.  Their pitches range from G to C. They are hung in a spiral-shaped scale with the lowest tones at the bottom.

You can make music at any time and feel like a fiddler on a roof or better …feel like a carilloneur of Bruges!