Let’s have a fantastic evening in the most beautiful theatre of Bruges

The Municipal Theatre has a history, dating back to 1864, but I'd like to seduce you with a more recent and personal experience in this beautiful theatre.

Spencer Tunick, a well-known American visual artist, organized a fabulous event in the Municipal Theatre on the 7th of May 2005, early in the morning. For the ‘Corpus 05' art festival, Tunick invited 350 men and 350 women to pose nudely in the interior of the venue. And I was one of them. In this theatre where I had already attended a lot of performances, I was at that moment naked for Tunick’s installation.

Many different shapes and sizes and remarkably similar skin colours, were blending into a uniform mass. I remember that this similarity was one of the most striking aspects of the event. No feeling of shame is left when you are all  nude. It was a  very unique and special sensation.


I wonder if you would feel such a kind of sensation too while visiting this beautiful theatre. Let yourself be immersed in the history and architecture of the building.

The construction of it started in 1867. Some years before, in 1864, Bruges had organized an architectural competition. The old city theatre, called the Comedie, would be replaced by a new one. The winning project was the design of  the Brussels architect Gustave Saintenoy. He was inspired by the opera building of Paris designed by architect Charles Garnier. Only two years later, in 1869, the monumental theatre was completed.

The exterior has been performed in neo-Renaissance style. The balcony windows on the first floor are flanked by Corinthian half-columns. 
You must also have seen the foyer, where you can have a drink during the break of a performance. The furnishing of the foyer in second Empire style, evokes the grand impression of palace architecture. So, enjoy the feeling of being a king or queen when you enter...

Upwards the foyer in the outside side parts, are blind circular arches with shell motifs.  The attic has been awarded an aedicule, in which a Bruges escutcheon is located. Before you enter the theatre, Papageno - an opera character out of ‘Die Zauberflöte’ by Mozart - will welcome you on the square in front of the theatre. 

In the entrance hall of the theatre the stately staircase will certainly attract your attention. Let the staircase lead you to the horseshoe-shaped stage. It is dominated by an eclectic design with red and gold as predominant colours. Striking, is the imposing chandelier with more than two hundred light points and corresponding ceiling paintings.

Luchter City Theatre

Enjoy your performance and relax, while sitting in one of the 650 red velvet seats. I just did. Albert Hammond on stage. “All I needed” in this beautiful theatre “was his music and his free electric band!”