Is Bruges a bit more than just some old buildings?

At first sight, it seems like there are just the beautiful old houses, bridges, castles and buildings everywhere. Architectural treasures dating back to all centuries. But if you look a little bit further, you can explore this whole modern world of contemporary architecture in the heart of Bruges!

One of the most modern and interesting buildings is Bruges is new seat of KU Leuven university. You can find this building near the train station and it is simply impossible to overlook it. It’s a beautiful, simple, white-coloured building. But when you get closer, you will see how much attention the architects (ABSCIS ARCHITECTEN) have paid to the facade and how they made one part of the building balancing on another part. This object was definitely a huge challenge in construction and the aim was surely accomplished: the building is workable and also breath-taking.

Address: Spoorwegstraat 12

KU Leuven

After this architecturally clean building, let´s discover the probably most famous modern building in Bruges: the Concertgebouw.

The terracotta facades should help this building to fit in its historical setting, because it is located at ´t Zand, the very heart of the city. It is a centre of culture and was designed by Paul ROBBRECHT and his wife Hilde DAEM. This large, interesting building offers unusual views, different on each side. It’s a very complex construction with various elements on the facade and excellent work with glass. Definitely the most sophisticated piece of contemporary architecture in town.

Address: ‘t Zand 34


At last, I would like to mention a real treasure hidden in the historical city centre of Bruges. The Gouden Boom (Golden Tree) is a project by a real estate developer, designed by 3ARCHITECTEN. They achieved a perfect composition between the old brewery and new apartments and completed the whole work with a green yard in between. If we forget about the unbelievable rooftop lines and dynamic shapes, another thing to notice is the facade. Most of the objects are lined by stone – in different fitting colours. You can also see an amazing volume play.

Address: Verbrand Nieuwland 10

Gouden Boom

And here are some other tips where to find modern architecture in Bruges!

State archives in Bruges (Predikherenrei 4A)

Grand hotel Casselbergh (backside - Hoogstraat 6)

't Pand (newly built living block, running from Willemstraat, Pandreitje and Gevangenisstraat to Stalijzerstraat)



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