In Bruges – A Medieval City and Much More

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To put all of this in some kind of context I recommend stopping at the Groeninge Museum which houses a fine collection of works by the Flemish Primitives and goes on to illustrate 15th and 16th century Bruges with great visual eloquence.

Throughout the 15th century, Bruges was one of Europe’s leading cities and the arts flourished.  Not only nobility, but aspiring middle classes, merchants and visitors from overseas became patrons of the arts.  Some of the works of the Flemish Primitives illustrate the diversity of life in the city.

By the 16th century, the once flourishing city of Bruges was in economic recession.  Home to both terrible poverty and great wealth it was a city of contrasts.  But, the remaining rich elite attempted to use Art as a way to emphasise the importance of Bruges as a trading centre.

The museum currently has an exhibition of work by the artists of that time, the forgotten masters, including Pieter Pourbus Marcus Gerards, Pieter I Claeissens and his sons Gillis, Pieter II and Antonius which runs until the end of January 2018. A fascinating way to bring the history of Bruges to life.