How a beautiful old city shines during the night

Bruges is a beautiful town that turns every walk into a fairy tale. While taking a night walk through the city, I was impressed by its nocturnal beauty. The night gives a special glow to the streets, the trees, the amazing canals and the water. I have to admit that I have never imagined that the city would be so active at night. I could not have been more wrong! Since it is the most wonderful time of the year and Santa will soon be coming down the chimney, the city is decorated with so many wonderful ornaments. Everywhere you look, there are the Christmas lights, figurines of Santa and his reindeers and almost every shop has its windows sprayed with artificial snow. These are the perfect ingredients to set up your Christmas  mood.

Fairy tale Bruges

Once you feel Christmassy, there are plenty of things that you can do. You can visit the Christmas market that is situated in the center of the town. If you fancy ice skating, there is an ice skate rink and the Christmas carols make you feel as if you were competing at a figure skating competition, turning you into a graceful skater. You can also enjoy a glass of mulled wine and eat a traditional waffle or simply pick up gifts or clothing to keep you warm during the winter. The square is quite amazing, it looks like a picture in one of Hans Christian Andersen's books. Details of the buildings are highlighted by colored brilliant lights.

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If you're looking to spend some quality time at a museum, Bruges is the perfect place to do it! There is a huge range of interesting attractions . One of them is Historium where you can experience the golden age of Bruges. You can make a time trip and get a real feel of the past due to the cinematic sets, special effects and music. There is also a virtual reality experience that takes you back to medieval Bruges. If you want to discover several iconic painters of the city, you must visit the Groeningemuseum. During this visit, you will have the chance to see the magnificent collection of the Flemish Primitives and admire the exhibiton of ‘Pieter Pourbus and the Forgotten Masters’.


For the gastronomer there are plenty of restaurants to choose from and of course trying a Belgian dish is a must. One of my favorites is Brasserie De Carré that offers a spectacular view of the market and from where you can spot the magnificent Belfort, the medieval bell tower. There is an extended menu, from seafood to local dishes. It gives the comfort of a cozy place and a nice atmosphere.

After enjoying a great meal, you have to go to 2BE. A local Belgian pub and shop that has a wall with 1721 different types of beer. The atmosphere is a friendly one and the employees will even remember you if you have the chance to go there twice. It has a good location overlooking the canal. Admire the imposing tree on the terrace with big light bulbs that are reflected in the water. The view at night is mesmerizing. While sipping a beer you can watch the swans on the canal and have a great time in the company of friends or family.


An evening stroll through one of the many parks is also recommended.  Various trees are decorated with lights and ornaments. They will most certainly give you a warm feeling on a cold winter night. It will turn your walk with your beloved into a real romantic Christmas stroll. In my opinion, Bruges is a great place to discover even at night. The options are endless and you can choose whichever suits you best.




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