Discover the loveliest corners of Bruges while making a cheerful winterwalk

Winter. The coldest of the four seasons, the time of the year in which it is getting dark early and when most people want to make themselves comfortable behind their fireplaces at home.
However it is also that time of the year when Bruges turns into a city full of lights. A city where you can have a cozy walk through lovely snowy streets and where you can enjoy a wonderful peaceful atmosphere.

So what are you waiting for?  Let’s check out some nice spots to go to, for a perfect winter stroll through Bruges.

One of the most beautiful places worth discovering, is Minnewaterpark. This  park, away from the touristy centre,  is the ideal place for a cool little nature walk  and you will definitely find some rest and relaxation here. An additional benefit is the   magnificent view of Lake of Love which is indeed one of the most romantic spots you can find in Bruges.

Just a few steps away from the park, you can spot the elegant and famous swans which are the city’s emblem. Not to be missed as it is also an ideal  place for great pictures.


From there you can continue your way down Katelijnestraat and stop by the famous Bonifacius Bridge. This is one of the city’s youngest bridges, built in the beginning of the 20th century. Together with the church and the quaint buildings in the back, this place is simply indescribably beautiful.

Another area so nice it must be seen is Dijver, by far the prettiest canal Bruges has to offer This is neighbouring  Rozenhoedkaai, the most photographed spot of the city. Especially during Christmas time the ancient buildings and tree overlooking  the canal are extra lightened and decorated.


And why not stop at a lovely coffee bar during or after your walk?
A nice and cozy place is tearoom  Salé et sucré. Even though it is located in one of the busiest streets in Bruges, Geldmunstraat ( just off market square), it is very comfortable sitting  inside. It is the perfect place to warm up and enjoy a good coffee, a hot chocolate or some of their little sweets or tasty waffles.

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm.

Especially during Christmas time you will have the chance to admire the old and beautiful houses and buildings , decorated with an eye for detail.  Make sure you go for a walk later in the evening when all the Christmas lights are shining.
You can also stop at the Christmas market for a hot wine or a hot chocolate.



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