Discover the green side of Bruges on foot or by bike!

The town itself boasts many parks and green spots, all worth visiting, with great photo opportunities. A beautifully landscaped park is the Queen Astrid Park. The park is located centrally and offers the ultimate setting for some relaxed time outdoors. In the middle of the park, you see a small pond with fountain and a splendid pavilion, overviewing the park. The park also holds a playground with some play structures for children.

Also located centrally is the Minnewaterpark. The park offers the ideal opportunity to switch off and really unwind. The famous Bruges swans can be spotted here, and the view over the Minnewater is enticing. Weather permitting, the banks of the Minnewater are perfect for a picnic. But even when it is not sunny, a walk through the park still is worthwhile. The park has several benches, offering walkers a welcome rest.
Only a few minutes walking distance from the main station, we find the King Albert I park, named after the third king of the Belgians. Various trees and some historic monuments can be found here, such as for example the Poertoren, meaning the ‘Powder Tower’. This park welcomes walkers, but is also great for riding through by bike.

Outside the town centre, Bruges also boasts many green areas.
Taking a bicycle trip following the canals around Bruges is a great idea. The bike trails are asphalted, so a smooth ride is guaranteed!
Riding around the town you can also spot various houseboats and the 4 remaining wind mills. One of them, the Sint-Janshuis mill can still be visited today. Along the canals, there are also various large lawns which welcome activities such as playing Frisbee or football, or simply reading a book.

De vesten


Just outside the town centre in Sint-Michiels, the provincial domain of Tillegembos can be found.
It only takes 15 to 20 minutes to get here by bike. A mixed forest with conifers and deciduous trees can be found here, ideal for long-winding nature hikes. Another point of interest to be visited is Tillegem Castle, surrounded by water. And when the trip has rendered you a little thirsty, you can quench it in the small cafeteria here.