Musea Bruges expands its infrastructure with a new exhibition hall


The College of Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Bruges approved today an ambitious plan for a new museum and exhibition infrastructure. The new building will consist of two exhibition circuits with a total surface of 5.000 m2 and will be located on a domain of more than 12.000 m2. The new building will be erected on the terrains of a school complex situated in the direct neighbourhood of the internationally renowned Groeningemuseum. The new exhibition hall will be built according to the ‘design and build’ procedure launched last year, which lead to the selection of five teams who were asked to create a design with a corresponding offer. Construction will start from 2022-‘23 onwards. The new building will be the first phase of redeveloping this oasis of leisure within the charming historic city centre of Bruges. The second phase will include the renovation of the actual Groeningemuseum, home of the Flemish Primitives themselves.

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