Neue Regeln für das Erklimmen des Brügger Belfrieds

Die Hunderte von Monumenten, die Brügge hat, sind imposant, einzigartig und absolut stabil. Sie halten schon einige Jahrhunderte auf hohem Niveau durch und machen aus Brügge eine der am besten erhaltenen mittelalterlichen Städte der Welt. Sogar der 83 Meter hohe Belfried aus 1240 hält allem Stand. Aber man muss schon etwas dafür übrig haben, die spektakuläre Aussicht über die Stadt zu genießen …

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Almshouse complexes, peaceful places in the city

Unesco Weltkulturerbe Denkmäler und Architektur

Many tourists are struck by the beautiful small white or yellow almshouses all over the historic centre of Bruges. They are not unique for Bruges, some other cities in Flanders, Holland (de hofjes) and Germany also have almshouses.

A weekend in Bruges

Denkmäler und Architektur

With its canals and its typically mediaeval architecture, Bruges is a truly delightful city, and an excellent destination for a change of scene, less than 3 hours from Paris by train. We spent a weekend there at the end of October. It was a chance to get away from the crowds, without having to worry about cold weather.

In Bruges – A Medieval City and Much More

Unesco Weltkulturerbe Denkmäler und Architektur

It’s an easy enough journey – a couple of hours to Brussels on the Eurostar and then an hour by train (there’s one every twenty minutes or so) to Bruges. And, once in the City, it’s somewhere you can easily explore on foot.

Discover the green side of Bruges on foot or by bike!

Unesco Weltkulturerbe Grachten

In and around Bruges, quite a few green areas are waiting to be discovered, an ideal option to get away from the humdrum of the town centre for a bit.

Travel to Bruges

Unesco Weltkulturerbe Handmade

You cannot know a city properly until you have worn out a pair of shoes visiting it.

Is Bruges a bit more than just some old buildings?

Denkmäler und Architektur

My first thought after arriving in Bruges was definitely this one: “the topic of modern architecture is not typical for Bruges. But is it really so?”