• Enter the Groeninge Museum virtually:
    Art lovers will now be able to admire in detail more than 100 works of art from the impressive Groeninge collection. For almost every painting, a viewer with photo material, text and audio files offers you an in-depth look. Art photographer Dominique Provost provided new panoramic photos of the refurbished rooms. A top culture tip with hours of learning fun!

  • Online collections Musea Brugge:
    A virtual view of the rich collection of the 14 municipal museums.

  • Closer to Van Eyck:
    Discover the works of Van Eyck in close up.

  • Colouring pages Jan van Eyck:
    Imagine yourself Van Eyck with these coloring pages for children (adults can also show off their creativity)!

  • Till-Holger Borchert on 'Madonna with Canon Joris van der Paele' by Jan van Eyck:
    The director of Musea Brugge, Till-Holger Borchert, presents the second largest work of Jan van Eyck, 'Madonna with Canon Joris van der Paele' at ARTE.it, and reveals some precious details.

  • E-exhibition The Order of the Golden Fleece:
    This e-exhibition relates the history of the exclusive knightly Order of the Golden Fleece by means of some special works of art, objects, and documents.

  • Air Biekorf 4.0:
    Geertje Vangenechten, artist in residence of Cultuurcentrum Brugge, transformed a white wall into the work of art 'Comedy of the human condition'.  The virtual exhibition AiR Biekorf 4.0 shows the response of dozens of artists and creatives to this central work.

  • A P-lace together:
    Thanks to this initiative of the Lace Center, lace enthusiasts from all over the world can enjoy the new designs that are shared every Wednesday on this Facebook group. In this way, they can continue to practice the beautiful craft of lace at home and form a worldwide virtual lace workshop. Meanwhile, the project has more than 2000 participants who share their creations on A P-Lace together.

  • Synergia
    The historic Poortersloge (Burghers’ Lodge) is the number one spot for contemporary art and the location of an inspiring exhibition – ‘Synergia’. Lose yourself in a virtual journey through the multi-layered and visually substantive oeuvre of Joke Raes and Jonas Vansteenkiste, two fantastic - and seemingly very different –  artists from Bruges.
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