In Bruges' wood- and wetland

Jacques Brel sung about the “flatlands” around Bruges in his poetic songs. Walking and cycling in Bruges’ wood- and wetland is a great way to experience the peace and greenery, forests, castles and abbeys, as well as enjoying fresh farm produce and a chat with a friendly local. Each season has its own charms – this area is never boring. There are endless possibilities, but here are a few suggestions for you:

Outlined walking routes

  • Ter Doest wandelroute ("Ter Doest walk"): The picturesque village of Lissewege, with its flat church tower, Lissewege canal and lovely cafés, is not far from Bruges. The impressive Cistercian barn of Ter Doest lies just outside the village and is sure to bring the middle ages to life for you. A lovely walk along country lanes!
  • The Drie Kastelen wandelroute ("Three castles walk"): this walk takes you along paths and castle tracks, through forests and historic homesteads to the castles of Tillegem, Tudor and Beisbroek.
  • Ryckeveldewandelroute ("Ryckevelde walk"): starting at Ryckevelde castle, you will walk along forest tracks and the old Bruges – Eeklo railway track and through the De Schobbejakshoogte nature reserve and the Loweiden. Don’t forget your binoculars – there are plenty of birds to spot in the meadows. Enjoy breathing in the scents of national forest.

Walking network maps

Wandelnetwerk Bulskampveld ("Bulskampveld walking network"): the castle has a nature centre as well as a regional visitor centre and regularly holds exhibitions. There is also a playground/play forest and herb garden and you can take part in a scavenger hunt. In other words, this is a great place to enjoy many hours of walking and playing!

Outlined cycle routes

  • Groene Gordel Brugge ("Bruges’ green belt"): 53km of great cycle routes surrounding the world heritage site of Bruges, taking you past woods, castle parks, open landscapes, villages and canals. There are picnic places, play areas and nature spots along the way.
  • Uitwijken fietsroute ("Suburban cycle route"): have you ever explored the suburbs of Bruges? This brand-new cycling and walking map is an initiative of Brugge Plus, an organisation that brings culture to the suburbs, and introduces you to many lovely secret spots outside the historic city centre. You can do a long 78km loop or choose from one of three shorter routes. There are also five walks to choose from.

Cycle network maps

Brugse Ommeland ("Bruges’ wood- and wetland"): this is the most extensive map of the cycle network and covers the full 930km cycle network in Bruges’ wood- and wetland area. Plan out your own route, enjoying interesting stops along the way.

Guided cycle tours

If you would like to cycle in the area around Bruges with an experienced guide, try QuasiMundo Bike Tours, Steershop biketours, Pink Bear Bike Tours or Green Bike Tours.

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