• Museums, places of interest and attractions

    Bruges has a great deal to offer the visitor - from modern visual arts to Michelangelo’s world-famous Madonna with Child or a visit to the Lace Centre, there is plenty to choose from.

  • The Flemish primitives

    Discover the best places in Bruges to admire the timeless beauty of the world-renowned Flemish masters.

  • Top exhibitions

    The essential must-see exhibitions for your trip to Bruges.

  • Bruges, Sounds great !

    Bruges is of course famous for its architecture, but it also has a great musical reputation. Bruges? Sounds great!

  • Contemporary art

    Although Bruges is rich in history, it is also a very current and forward-looking place. Check out the contemporary art in the city.

  • Triennial Bruges 2021

    Every three years the Triennial Bruges brings contemporary art and architecture to the historic city centre of Bruges: a unique setting and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.