Illegal beer from Bruges goes down well

People in Bruges are proud of their age-old traditions and craftsmanship. The city still has three authentic breweries that brew local beers. Some of those local beers, such as Brugse Zot and Straffe Hendrik, even run like tap water. Literally. If you want to take a sip, you have to be quick and above all sneaky …

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Must do activity for beer lovers – Discover the best local beers in Bruges

Bars and pubs Handmade
Claudia Henkel 07 November 2017

One of the first things you’ll probably associate when thinking of Belgium will be beer.
Belgium is known for its good and numerous beers. So when visiting Belgium you should definitely try one!

Where to enjoy your night with a good beer in Bruges?

Bars and pubs Handmade
Diana Mariaková 07 November 2017

Bruges is beautiful city with endless number of breath-taking old buildings, lovely coffee places and excellent bars. This time, we should check the best bars here.