Hidden gems

Just when you thought you knew Bruges through and through, you bump into this fine collection of secret places. Well-hidden gems that challenge you to stray off the beaten track and surprise you in the process. So it’s time to delve deeper into the world heritage city.

  • Minneboplein
    today: Open

    Toegegeven, echt groot is deze jongste stadsaanwinst niet.

  • Major Seminary  front garden
    today: Open

    If the gate on the Potterierei is open, take the opportunity to step inside the Major Seminary garden to admire its imposing facade.

  • Tuin Gezellehuis (House Gezelle garden)
    today: 09:30 - 22:00

    Even if you’re not very fond of poetry, you’ll be delighted by the House Gezelle, the birthplace of Guido Gezelle (1830 – 1899), one of Flanders’ most famous poets.

  • Garden suburb
    today: Open

    Albrecht Rodenbachstraat and Hugo Verrieststraat enchant every passer-by.

  • Hemelrijk & Oliebaan
    today: Open

    Together, Hemelrijk and the Oliebaan form a unique corner of Bruges.

  • House of Time
    today: Open

    This souvenir of the 2018  Triennial Bruges lies hidden at the edge of the inner city.

  • Gouden-Handrei
    today: Open

    The Gouden-Handrei abounds in tranquil views.

  • Augustijnenrei
    today: Open

    The Augustijnenrei is a little-known but enchanting canal, perfect for a heavenly stroll.

  • Pottenmakersstraat
    today: Open

    The enchanting Pottenmakersstraat meanders partly along the water, and rewards you with surprising discoveries.

  • Authentic wooden facades
    today: Open

    In Genthof and Kortewinkel you’ll discover two authentic medieval wooden facades.

  • Oud Waterhuis (Old Water House)
    today: Open

    The Old Water House, built on the city ramparts, guaranteed water supplies to the medieval city and even then was regarded as one of the wonders of Bruges.

  • West Bruges City Ramparts
    today: Open

    The Ramparts of West Bruges are a little less well-known, but it is here that the medieval structure of the ramparts can be most easily grasped, as you can see both the double embankment and the double moat.

  • Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-van-Blindekenskapel (Chapel of Our Lady of the Blind)
    today: 09:00 - 18:00

    Even many of Bruges’ residents are unfamiliar with the Chapel of Our Lady of the Blind.

  • Dumeryklok (Dumery bell)
    today: Open

    The Dumery bell can be seen on the square that shares its name.

  • Rodenonnenpark
    today: Open

    To get a glimpse of a ground-breaking contemporary residential development, head for the Katelijnestraat and slip inside the Red Nuns’ domain.

  • Poertorenpark (Gunpowder Tower Park)
    today: Open

    On the City Ramparts, close to the Lake of Love, a striking round tower stands, grabbing the attention.

  • Sint-Janshospitaalpark
    today: Open

    Surprisingly enough, in the middle of the car park at the site of the Old Saint John’s Hospital site there is a small orchard that recalls the gardens that adorned the area until the 19th century.

  • Muntplein
    today: Open

    The Muntplein lies in the shadow of the popular shopping street.

  • Groeninge Museum garden
    today: 09:30 - 17:00

    On the Dijver, the elegant rococo gate leading to the Groeninge Museum immediately catches the eye.

  • Coupure
    today: Open

    With its bobbing boats, the Coupure is a taste of the South of France in the city centre, a delightful haven of rest.

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