Food and drink

As the Burgundians realised all those years ago, Bruges is a great destination for foodies, with a unique and varied selection of delicacies on offer. From award-winning Michelin-starred restaurants, authentic ‘brown cafés’ and world-renowned ice cream parlours to trendy lunch spots, brunch places and fancy cocktail bars, Bruges is sure to delight your taste buds. You’ll just wish you had more time in Bruges to try them all!

  • Kookeet

    A gourmet trip for every season? Find out more about Kookeet and the four gastronomic weekends in Bruges.

  • Award-winning restaurants
    Bruges is not just one of Europe’s gastronomic centres, two reputed colleges – Spermalie and Ter Groene Poorte – train culinary talent who do well internationally.
  • Breakfast and lunch
    There’s nothing better than a copious breakfast, a surprising brunch or a delicious long lunch.
  • Bars and cafés
    Looking for a night on the town or a cozy drink?
  • Local breweries

    Beer fans have come to the right place in Bruges: tasting happens not just in bars and cafés, but at the breweries too.

  • UNWTO World Forum On Gastronomy Tourism

    Each year, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Basque Culinary Center (BCC) collaborate to hold a culinary tourism conference. This will take place for the sixth time in 2021 and this time it will be held in Bruges.

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