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  • Omookaai (Omoo Quay)

    The Omookaai is situated at the end of a peninsula, right between the busy container port and the former fishermen's quarter.

  • Somewhat hidden behind the marina, you will find the Belgian Naval Base, built at the end of the 1960s.

  • Oude vissershaven (Old fishing port)

    The old fishing port exudes great atmosphere and conviviality; the appealing no-nonsense ambience comes for free!

  • Zweedse kaai (Swedish Quay)
    today: Open

    The panoramic viewing platform at the base of the Swedish Quay, a real peninsula that forms the link between the outer and inner ports.

  • Visserskruis (Fishermen´s Cross)
    today: Open

    To commemorate the fishermen lost at sea, a sixteen-metre high concrete cross designed by Bruges architect Jozef Viérin was already erected in the fishing port in 1936.

  • Seafront
    today: 10:00 - 23:00

    Seafront hoists new sails this summer!

  • Captain Blue (Harbour cruise Zeebrugge)

    The 75-minute port cruise takes you past the naval base, the Pierre Vandamme Lock (one of the largest locks in the world), the gas terminal, the wind turbine park, the ‘tern’ island, the cruise ships and the dredging vessels while massive container ships are unloaded at the quay. Each visitor is given an easy-to-use audio-visual guide in the desired language.

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