Fish auction site

  • The old fishing port

    The old fishing port exudes great atmosphere and conviviality; the appealing no-nonsense ambience comes for free!

  • Zweedse kaai
    today: Open

    The panoramic viewing platform at the base of the Swedish Quay (Zweedse Kaai), a real peninsula that forms the link between the outer and inner ports.

  • Fishermen´s Cross
    today: Open

    To commemorate the fishermen lost at sea, a sixteen-metre high concrete cross designed by Bruges architect Jozef Viérin was already erected in the fishing port in 1936.

  • Seafront
    today: 10:00 - 17:00

    The Old Fish Auction buildings have been transformed into a fascinating theme park about the sea, shipping, fish and the fishing industry.

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