Music for life pt. 2 Arrenbie Guitars by Ralph Bonte

Music is here with us ever since the beginning. And it is not just about singing, dancing and concerts, but also about the instruments. And these instruments need to be made by someone. I had the luck and honour to meet a few people in Bruges which are making handmade music instruments. Three men, three incredible stories. Here’s part two of this series, about Ralph Bonte and his Arrenbie Guitars. 

Ralph Bonte (Arrenbie Guitars)

Since I am a guitar player myself, I was really looking forward to meet Ralph Bonte, the man behind Arrenbie Guitars. Ralph is a very sympathetic man with a nice workshop in his backyard. He also teaches guitar making skills in school and from our little talk I can tell he really loves his students. I heard him play the guitar and he is really good at it! Probably because he has been playing ever since he was a kid.

Next to his work as a psychologist, Ralph decided to make his own guitars. So far he has built acoustic and electric guitars, ukulele’s and other special types. But you can order whatever you have in mind and  Ralph will make your dream to come true! His work is really thorough and he has magical hands. Ralph is making everything by himself in his workshop, using different types of woods including expensive high quality types like mahogany, ebony and rosewood. 
He is a frequent exposer at different guitar shows, last year you could see his instruments in London and Paris. Now, he has an invitation for the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin, where you can buy his guitars. Applause for this man who is supporting music in so many ways!

Interested? You can contact him through