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Visnetten in Zeebrugge

Fishing and Zeebrugge go hand in hand. For it is still one of the most important economic activities in the port of Bruges. Not only is Zeebrugge the home port of many Flemish fishermen, the fish landed there is also auctioned to fish wholesalers and eventually finds its way to the Zeebrugge fish shops and restaurants. One thing's for sure: when you eat or buy fish in Zeebrugge, it doesn't get any fresher!

Vlaamse Visveiling

The Flemish Fish Auction

The Flemish Fish Auction, located at the fishing port of Zeebrugge, is an important link in the journey of the fish caught, before it eventually reaches your plate.
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VISGRO vzw is the professional association for fish wholesalers and takes on many responsibilities.
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Fish shops

Zeebrugge boasts two fish shops, both of which are located in Vismijnstraat.
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