Light experience trail

Follow the Light Experience Trail and experience Bruges as you have never seen it before.The Light Experience Trail makes Bruges shine for the fourth year in a row, and this time it's all about Awakening.

The trail takes you through 8 light installations in iconic places. This not only brings memories to life, but also gives visitors a glimpse of the future and breathes new life into the city.

In short, eight light installations that awaken the city as darkness falls, along a compact but multifaceted trail with greenery, water, parks and squares. Connected to iconic places - new and old - the light magically awakens the nocturnal city. In collaboration with ACTLD.


Wintergloed 2022 Plan

Light installations


At the new convention centre, you can enjoy an impressive light and laser show. The building's modern architectural characteristics are highlighted by washlights and laser mapping. Perfect for admiring this recently finished gem in all its glory!

The twinkling lights and festivity will immediately carry you away here!

BMCC - Wintergloed

Old Water House

5pm - 10pm

The ruin of the Old Water House along the green City Ramparts comes to life with video mapping. As the sun sets, the radiant trees seem to grow, while their shadows sway with fairy light reflections on the ancient structure. Magical to see!

Because the Old Water House supplied the city with water in the Middle Ages, it was then considered one of Bruges' wonders. It's your turn to enjoy this!

Oud Waterhuis - Wintergloed

St Godelina’s Abbey

Inside the walls of St Godelina's Abbey, you are invited to rediscover the magical garden. The abbey awakens at dusk and lights up the night like shimmering fireflies. Thousands of twinkling LED lights create a unique atmosphere that is wonderful to observe!

Sint-Godelieveabdij - Wintergloed

Capuchins’ Square

Using a video-netting technique, a two-dimensional hologram spreads out across the water. The net is almost invisible; the projection on the texture creates a wonderful effect.

The light show awakens hidden depths and makes you aware of the space around you.

Kapucijnenplein - Wintergloed

King Albert I park

5pm - 10pm

In King Albert I Park, a light structure rises from the landscape. The installation with dynamic beams of light creates some intriguing patterns in the middle of the park.

This beautiful light artwork indicates a new beginning and allows us to leave the gloomy days of the pandemic behind. The new park awakens and the glow around it encourages you to look forward, with a positive outlook for the future!

Koning Albert I park - Wintergloed

King Albert I park fountain

5pm - 10pm

At the end of King Albert I Park, visitors will discover a festive light artwork. Tiny light pixels form a giant chandelier and are magically programmed to a soundscape. The reflection in the water treats you to an extra dimension.

As you approach the installation, the artwork awakens and beads of light spread out across the lake. The chandelier will impress with its interplay of points of light. We can tackle the future together too: teamwork makes the dream work.

Koning Albert I park - Wintergloed


As you step toward the Poertoren and the Lake of Love, you will be guided by dynamic LED lines in the form of geometric figures that together form a landscape. The LED lines respond to visitors passing by.

This light installation depicts a landscape awakening. It is depicted as a beautiful moving pattern of light and colour, reflecting how the landscape keeps growing and changing. The structure awakens from the ground and forms waves throughout the land, before disappearing again and merging into its surroundings. You need to have seen it to believe it!

Begijnenvest - Wintergloed

Lake of Love

As in previous years, the skating rink is part of the Light Experience Trail. We are once again working with GLICE, the world leader in synthetic ice rinks. The skating rink is crowned by the iconic light festoons.

A few moving lights create a playful and attractive look at the skating rink. You've never skated in such beautiful surroundings before!

Minnewater - Wintergloed