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Kerstshopping - Wintergloed

There are 18 shopping days in Bruges during the festive period. Shopping in the historic city centre is more unique than ever before thanks to the beautifully decorated streets and squares. Feast your eyes and enjoy the winter atmosphere, as well as discovering the many creative makers, inspiring concept stores and lovely little boutiques which Bruges has to offer. Traffic is limited on the shopping streets (between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m) and you can take advantage of the free public transport on offer. Why waste time looking for a parking spot when you can simply take a bus? Don’t forget to put the shopping days in your diary and click here for practical information to ensure that your shopping trip is a great experience! 

The shopping days 2022 (with free bus transport)

  • weekends of 26 and 27 November, 3 and 4 December, 10 and 11 December and 17 and 18 December
  • from Saturday 24 December to Saturday  31 December             
  • Saturday 7 January and Sunday 8 January