Windmills of Bruges

One of the best thing you can do in Bruges is to take a beautiful short walk along the ramparts with its windmills. It is nearby the city center, so after discovering shopping places, beers and coffees, this is a great opportunity to escape from the busy city life for a moment.

Belgium has a rich mill history. If you check a map of Bruges from the 16th century, you can see there were no less than 23 windmills here! They were part of the town walls since the end of 13th century. Nowadays, there are four remaining mills between the Dampoort and the Kruispoort.

Koeleweimill (or also Coelewey mill) was used for corn, always known as Bosterhoutmolen and was originally located in Meulebeke. The city of Bruges reconstructed the mill on its current place after it was broken down in 1980. Originally it was built in 1765 as a wooden mill on a closed brick base.


Nieuwe Papegaai
Moved to this place in 1970 with this new name, because of the parrot that is placed on the roof. Originally built in 1790 as an oil mill called the Hoge Seinemolen. This mill is not open for visitors.

Nieuwe Papegaai

The oldest mill was built in 1770 and is the only mill still standing on its original position. This mill is also the only one with a museum inside that is open for public. Another curious thing is that this mill is still grinding flour. It is built as a wooden mill on four brick dices.


Bonne Chiere
Also known as Staakmolen or Post mill, rebuilt in 1911 – far younger than Sint-Janshuismill. Originally it was built in 1844 but then rebuilt at its current location because of a storm accident. It is built in the same architectural style: wooden standard mill on four brick dices. Interesting fact is that it has always been just for decoration and was never used for grinding grain. This mill is not available for visitors.

Bonne Chiere

Sporty tip: You can also rent a bike and make this whole windmill trip little bit more active!  On a bike you can handle it in few minutes. Running along the ramparts is also popular among locals.

Last note: The whole walk is situated on the ramparts along the lovely canalside. There’s a peaceful atmosphere which is just calling you to sit in the grass and just relax or enjoy a coffee or picnic with friends.