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Tentoonstelling 'SKIN in the game'
Free Exhibition Art

Group show with Ruth Devriendt Laure Forêt Daphne van de Velde Alexi Williams Wynn The skin is our outer border, our protective layer, the layer that holds everything together. When we 'risk our skin', we put everything on the line. 'SKIN in the game' is about risk-taking and the obligatory stripping of our outer layer in the process. Four artists explore those deeper layers, treading paths that are innovative in both form and content. Making art about layers and skin always tells something about yourself, about your vulnerabilities but also about your strengths that hold everything together. The search for those deeper layers sometimes seems playful but is never without danger. Ruth Devriendt, Laure Forêt, Daphne van de Velde and Alexi Williams Wynn do not play it safe but test the limits of the medium they practise and those of their own personal boundaries. The exhibition runs from 7 October to 5 November 2023. Open Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm to 6pm or by appointment. Continuous opening in the presence of the artists on Saturday 7 October from 2pm to 7pm.

Opening hours

07 OCT 2023
14:00 to 19:00
08 OCT 2023
14:00 to 18:00
From 14 OCT 2023 - 14:00
to 15 OCT 2023 - 18:00
From 21 OCT 2023 - 14:00
to 22 OCT 2023 - 18:00
From 28 OCT 2023 - 14:00
to 29 OCT 2023 - 18:00
From 04 NOV 2023 - 14:00
to 05 NOV 2023 - 18:00
Also check out the organisers' information. That way, the details are definitely up-to-date.

Getting there

Langerei 24, 8000 Brugge

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Tentoonstelling 'SKIN in the game'

Langerei 24, 8000 Brugge


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