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Stormo, Empathy & Förbittring

Stormo (Italy)
Over 400 live shows, over 10 tours across Europe and UK, from Portugal to Estonia and from Finland to the Balkans. Since the release of their debut album (2014) they have shared the stage with, and have performed at Fluff Fest and Miss The Stars Fest.

A four-piece alternative rock outfit hell-bent on global.

Dark 'n gloomy metallic hardcore punk for fans of TRAGEDY, RISE AND FALL & DISFEAR.

Opening hours

20 OCT 2023
20:00 to 20:00
Also check out the organisers' information. That way, the details are definitely up-to-date.

Getting there

Ezelstraat 42, 8000 Brugge

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Stormo, Empathy & Förbittring

Ezelstraat 42, 8000 Brugge


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