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Stadlander + AVA Trio

For an unforgettable evening in Howest's beautiful neo-Gothic gymnasium, we bring you two breathtaking musical experiences not to be missed. Stadlander puts Ghent pianist Stijn Engels in the spotlight with his own compelling compositions. Let yourself be carried away by the deepest emotions and colourful melodies, infused with warm harmonies. Their music is lyrical, impressionistic and occasionally rhythmically exhilarating, but always rooted in the rich jazz tradition and with a subtle nod to the blues. Stadlander takes you back to the golden years of jazz, bringing with them a touch of nostalgia. Already causing a furore with their acclaimed debut album Music from an Imaginary Land in 2017, the AVA Trio have made their mark in America, winning accolades such as 'Best Debut Album' from National Public Radio (NPR) and All About Jazz. They have toured Europe and China, playing more than 100 concerts and performing at prestigious festivals. Doronzo, Ekincioglu and Elkirmis, the virtuoso members of the trio, are like guides taking you through the rich and diverse sonic landscapes of the Mediterranean. 

Opening hours

22 MAR 2024
20:00 to 22:30
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Price table


€ 12.00

Aan de deur

€ 15.00

Getting there

Turnzaal Howest

Klaverstraat 52, 8000 Brugge

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Stadlander + AVA Trio

Klaverstraat 52, 8000 Brugge

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