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Hobgoblins Hollow - boardgames + acoustic folk performances
Contemporary Music

Board games afternoon with closing folk performances
BOARDGAMES Various board games supplied by 't Spel op de Wagen (
PERFORMANCES All performances are entirely acoustic. 

  • SeeD Pagan Folk [NL]SeeD is pure magic in the form of music! They open the portal and drag you into a fantastic world full of supernatural creatures and wonderful stories. SeeD gives sound to what exists only in dreams and fantasies. They use a wide variety of instruments including an assortment of flutes, slideridoo, 12-string guitar, bodhrán and bouzouki. Although most of their music is instrumental, they also regularly sing Dutch, English or Irish Gaelic in their songs. 
  • Eleni Neldë +friends [BE]Healing songs for soul, head and heart. With Central and North American, European and Indian inspiration, they bring us back to nature, our roots and each other. Accompanied by their percussion, they sing in a number of languages including Dutch, English, Spanish, Nahuatl and sometimes even Quenya. For this performance, they bring some friends with them on our stage.

Opening hours

24 FEB 2024
14:00 to 23:00
Also check out the organisers' information. That way, the details are definitely up-to-date.

Price table


€ 20.00

Basis VVK

€ 15.00

Support Ticket

€ 22.00

Kind ADD

€ 15.00

Kind VVK

€ 11.00

Support (zonder ticket)

€ 5.00

Getting there

Villa Bota

Park 8, 8000 Brugge

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Hobgoblins Hollow - boardgames + acoustic folk performances

Park 8, 8000 Brugge

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