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The Day Off (album release) + Mind Wolf
Contemporary Music

Aloha Imagine if Kurt Cobain had taken a day off from Nirvana sometime in the 90s, to can a punk record in Sweden with garage rockers The Hellacopters and The Backyard Babies. Watch, or even better listen to THE DAY OFF to hear the result of that. With their unique cocktail of rocking riffs, thumping drums and a deliciously grungy throat, they come to present their album (due out 5/1), christened 'Fabricated Mess', this on Friday, 23 February, at the De Kelk house. Under the motto support ur locals, they bring along MIND WOLF (also Bruges-based), who will also warm up your evening on the beat of stoner, garage and grunge. 

Opening hours

23 FEB 2024
20:30 to 22:30
Also check out the organisers' information. That way, the details are definitely up-to-date.

Price table


€ 10.00

Getting there

De Kelk

Langestraat 69, 8000 Brugge

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The Day Off (album release) + Mind Wolf

Langestraat 69, 8000 Brugge


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