Two restaurants I really like in Bruges in Belgium

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During our stay in Flanders, we had the luxury of being able to eat at a lot of nice and pleasant restaurants. These are my 2 favourite restaurants in Bruges. One has a really cosy and intimate atmosphere, the other one has fantastic food.


For the food

Bistro Kok Au Vin doesn't have any Michelin stars yet, but it is a Bruges restaurant that is listed in the Michelin Guide. This innovative restaurant mostly uses local products and does a lot with very little. They now even make their own Burrata (home-made delicatessen Mozzarella, usually made in Apulia in the south of Italy).

We ate home-made bread with pork pâté, burrata with bresaola (air-dried beef, seasoned with salt and pepper) and an amazing fish with polenta. Naturally, this was served with well-chosen wines. They serve the food in a way that seems to have foodies and food bloggers in mind.

Price: A three-course lunch is 28 euros.

Price: A five-course menu is 60 euros.

Kok au Vin 


For the mood and the warm atmosphere

Gran Kaffee De Passage is one of those restaurants that completely charms you with its unique style and design. It has an upside down Christmas tree, old paintings, a globe and French-style chairs. The food is less important and is not bad at all. However, we stayed here until the early hours, putting the world to right over a cold beer.

Price: from 9 euros to approximately 20 euros.