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During the Bruges Triennial, the UNESCO-listed city centre of Bruges will become the setting for temporary architectural and contemporary art installations.

This year, 12 artists and architects will be displaying their interpretation of the theme 'Spaces of Possibility'. With their monumental installations, they will bring together different districts of the city, demonstrate new ways to use space and invite visitors to discover beauty in places that are often overlooked.


Visit and experience the Bruges Triennial 2024

You can visit and experience the Bruges Triennial 2024 in different ways. On foot, or by bike. On your own or accompanied by an expert Bruges Triennial guide. Whatever your preference: lose your way, make discoveries, be inspired and be amazed when you see how things also can be done, in Bruges.

TRIBRU24 | Norell/Rodhe – Raamland

Guided tours

Let your guide take you on a tour of the works that make up the Bruges Triennial 2024 and immerse yourself in the world of contemporary art and architecture.
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Wandelen in Brugge - Jan Darthet

On your own

Visiting the Bruges Triennial at your own pace is also possible, of course. Experience the Bruges Triennial at your own pace.
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Triënnale Brugge 2024 - Zicht vanuit de lucht op Brugge

Partner programmes

Local cultural partners will be presenting a programme of their own, in which the Bruges Triennial 2024 forms the common thread. Discover it here.
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Making the most of your visit to Bruges

Welcome to the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bruges. A visit to our city is a delightful voyage of discovery that is guaranteed to leave an impression and will make you want to stay and continue enjoying the city for as long as possible. We are pleased to show you all of the places you can visit, whether you're looking for an enjoyable day, an exciting afternoon or a pleasant evening out in Bruges.

Imagine Bruges | Erfgoed

Always something to experience: culture, heritage and nature

Museum or park, medieval or contemporary … whatever your preference, Bruges has something to offer for everyone.
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Accommodation in Bruges

Take your time to experience the city to the full and stay overnight in Bruges. Find accommodation according to your preferences and budget. Discover the possibilities. 
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Eten en drinken in Brugge

Food, bars and cafes in Bruges

From traditional pub to cocktail bar and from hip breakfast address to (starred) restaurant: in Bruges you're spoiled for choice. Discover the city's delicious hotspots.
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TRIBRU24 | Bangkok Project Studio - The tower of balance

10 reasons to visit Bruges Triennial

From surprising works of art in hidden locations to interactive installations for the whole family – here are 10 unmissable reasons to visit Bruges Triennial!


Be inspired

Looking for inspiration? Below, we have compiled some original things to do in Bruges into some surprising lists, have provided a summary of our favourites and have given you a glimpse into our city's rich cultural offerings. Choose your favourite theme and be inspired by our tips for exploring the city.

Markt Brugge

Top 12 sights in Bruges

Want to be sure you won't miss anything during your visit to Bruges? We've listed the top sights for you.
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Contemporary art and architecture in Bruges

Bruges is home to tons of contemporary art and architecture, even in places you wouldn't expect. Get to know the surprising side of the city. 
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Museum Sint-Janshospitaal

Musea Brugge

With its municipal museums, Bruges has a lot to offer for culture and art enthusiasts. Find out what's waiting to be discovered and explore it yourself.
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Zicht op O.L.V. Kerk vanaf Bonifaciusbrug in Brugge

Your customised visit to Bruges

Prepare your visit to Bruges, be inspired, draw up a list of your own favourites and share your personalised stay in our city with family and friends.