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Triënnale Brugge 2021 - Jon Lott

For this fourth edition, the BrugesTriennial will explore the city's hidden possibilities with the theme of 'Spaces of Possibility'. How can a UNESCO-protected historic city, where non-building is central, cope with change? And how can contemporary art and architecture be a catalyst for this sustainable change?

Between 13 April and 1 September, get to know the temporary new interpretations that twelve artists and architects from around the world are giving to un(der)used or little-known locations in the city. With their monumental, artistic interventions and installations, they connect city districts, demonstrate new ways of using space and search for beauty in places that are often overlooked. The artworks and installations suggest a way to (re)discover Bruges from a surprisingly new dimension.

Each of the works engages critically in dialogue with public places in the city: they address its history, its rich heritage and create new social, societal and ecological narratives that can initiate further sustainable transformation – not only for Bruges, but also for cities worldwide.

Bruges Triennial 2024: 'Spaces of Possibility' is a warm invitation to leave the well-trodden path, get inspired and be amazed by other possibilities. An exercise in imagination, a look at what Bruges could be – today and in the future.