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Welcome to UNESCO World Heritage City Bruges. Bruges is a feast for the eyes. In the charming city centre, packed with history and heritage, or in the woods and wetlands with its picturesque villages and vast polders. A visit to our city is a delightful voyage of discovery that is guaranteed to leave an impression, making you want to stay and enjoy for as long as possible. You can explore Bruges at your own pace, walking with the canals as your guide. Or what about on a guided tour of the must-see sights? We are delighted to show you everything you can visit in Bruges.

TRIBRU24 | SO-IL: Common Thread
TRIBRU24 | SO-IL: Common Thread Visit Bruges | Jan Darthet

Bruges Triennial 2024

From 13 April through 1 September 2024

Contemporary art and architecture in the historic city centre of Bruges, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Rozenhoedkaai vanaf Bourgondisch Cruyce

About Bruges

When was Bruges founded? Why was the city granted UNESCO World Heritage status? And what is in Bruges' DNA? Meet the Bruges of the past and the present.
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Markt Brugge

Top 12 sights in Bruges

Want to be sure you won't miss anything during your visit to Bruges? We've listed the top sights for you.
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Imagine Bruges | Erfgoed

Always something to experience: culture, heritage and nature

Museum or park, medieval or contemporary … whatever your preference, Bruges has something to offer for everyone.
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Zicht op Gouden Handrei in Brugge

Get inspired: tips for your visit

Where to start in all Bruges' splendour? Visit Bruges puts you on the right path with a healthy dose of inspiration and specific tips for your own visit.
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Shopping in Brugge

Local Love: Shopping in Bruges

Shopping for a new outfit, yummy local produce, a good book or a fancy item for your interior: you'll find it all in Bruges' boutiques.
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Koets in Brugge

Sightseeing: Discover Bruges your way

Experience Bruges by boat on the canals, by a horse-drawn carriage through the city centre, by bike or from a hot air balloon? It's all possible. Discover it here.
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Exploring Flanders from Bruges

Bruges has a great deal to offer. Also want to discover what's beyond the city? Then Bruges is the ideal base to explore Flanders.
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Strand Zeebrugge

Port and seaside town Zeebrugge

The charm of the old fishing port, the allure of a world port and the possibilities of a contemporary seaside town. Get to know the inimitable Zeebrugge.
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zicht op Lissewege

A touch of nostalgia in Lissewege

You might think that Lissewege is the village that time forgot. With its lovely little canal, white-painted polder houses and expansive fields, it is a model of what every Flemish village once looked like: charming and a touch nostalgic. 
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Oooh! Brugge

Oooh! Bruges

Wonder, amazement, inspiration. You'll experience all of them, because Bruges astounds, captivates and delights. How exactly does that feel? You'll have to experience it for yourself. And then you'll also be saying: Oooh! Bruges.

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Begeleide rondleiding in Brugge

Want to book tickets and discover Bruges?

Discover Bruges accompanied by a professional guide. From guided walks to surprising ways to explore the city, view the list of activities and get inspired.