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In Bruges, romance is always in the air, wherever you go. Follow this ready-made itinerary (2.5 km) of romantic hotspots and be guaranteed to fall head over heels in love... with Bruges.

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Go and visit our hotspots using the guide below and Google Maps. Enjoy your walk!

You're going to see this along the way:

Starting point 🅐: Lake of Love Park, where the city seems far away 

  1. Beguinage, surrounded by hushed tranquillity
  2. De Meulenaere and Sint-Jozef almshouses, wandering in a picturesque residential area
  3. Boniface Bridge, romance in abundance
  4. Gruuthuse courtyard, for the wow factor
  5. Rozenhoedkaai, for a selfie with your loved one
  6. Meebrug & Peerdenbrug, ancient bridges side by side

End point 🅑 : King's Bridge, for a picture-perfect view of Jan van Eyck Square