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Madou Ballonvaarten (Balloon flights)
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A balloon flight is an adventure that will linger long in your mind. When you arrive at the launch site, you’ll meet your pilot, who will give you instructions and information. Then you help get the hot air balloon ready to take off. After take-off, you’ll enjoy the stunning views and experience the peace and silence as you slowly drift with the wind. Depending on the weather conditions, the morning or afternoon flight lasts an hour. When you’ve got both feet back on the ground, you’ll end the trip with a snack and a drink. Every passenger also receives a surprise package and a certificate. Explanation in English or Dutch (French on request). 

Opening hours

Visit by appointment. This can be done within the hours listed above, or you can agree on a time by mutual agreement with the business owner.

Price table


€ 145.00

Children 11 and 12 years

€ 115.00

Children under 11

€ 75.00
* Exceptions to these rates are possible for (school) groups.

Getting there

Markt , 8000 Brugge

Balloon flights are only possible if the wind is blowing in the right direction. At around noon on your planned balloon flight day, you will receive a message with the exact time and take-off location. For an evening flight, you will be contacted with the definitive flight information the evening before. You meet up at the take-off location. This location depends on the wind direction on the day of the flight. You must organise your own travel to the take-off point.
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Nearest station:
Station Brugge

Nearest parking:
Pandreitje car park

Madou Ballonvaarten (Balloon flights)

Markt , 8000 Brugge

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